Male and female
First Appearance

The bugs are minor characters in Jack's Big Music Show.


The characters do not have specific names. They can produce music through their horn-shaped snouts. The insects do not have names and are not any specific species of bug.


One bug is mostly yellow with red spots. The bug has six legs and a pair of black eyes. The insect has two green antennae with pink ends and purple wings. Another bug is mostly purple with red and orange stripes. It has the same pair of black eyes as the yellow one. The insect has six legs, silver antennae with pink ends, and a yellow wing and a red wing. The last bug is mostly orange with a yellow chest covered in red and brown stripes. It has gray antennae with yellow and pink ends and a pair of green wings. It has the same colored eyes as the other two. All bugs have horn-shaped body parts on their faces.


The bugs appear in two episodes of Jack's Big Music Show, Bug Love and Jack's Big Orchestra.

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